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Offshore Investing – First ask why -(then where and how)

Whenever SA Inc has a wobble, South Africans worry that we are going the same way as our neighbours to the north and look to moving some of their nest egg offshore (or moving themselves out altogether). It’s all very well to dismiss this as a kneejerk reaction, but those fears and doubts are very real and personal, so let’s take a look at the pros, cons and possible pitfalls. Whenever you make a new investment, and an offshore investment is no exception, it is very important to determine the end-use objective of the investment – that will be the primary determinant of how it should be invested.
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risk entrepreneur
Hidden traps waiting for unsuspecting entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs, especially if they haven’t been cursed with climbing the corporate ladder or an MBA, have some unique challenges when navigating the field of personal and small business risk and finance. Perhaps it’s that fearless spirit and boundless confidence that will guarantee your success, but “jump and build your wings on the way down” sometimes ends in a bloody mess at the bottom. A bit of homework on wing design and jumping with the right tools would have prevented that – and the same goes for that entrepreneurial venture you dream about.

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Never abdicate your responsibility

Personal finance can be overwhelming and complex, but if you want to partner with an advisor to help you protect and grow your wealth there is a bare minimum you need to know so you can assess whether your wealth is invested properly and you have the factors you can control on your radar. There is nothing more dangerous than being ‘unconsciously incompetent’ – not knowing what you don’t know.

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At Kerenga all the advice you receive will be independent of provider, commission and fee structure and personal bias. Changes to your existing portfolio will only be recommended to balance and optimise your financial ecosystem, not to shoehorn you into our favourite portfolios or switch you to our preferred provider. Sign up for our newsletter HERE. Contact us HERE.
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In order to navigate the complexities of finance we are focused on keeping our clients informed and increasing their knowledge base. We intend to achieve this with blogs, links and eBooks available on this website and all the popular social media platforms. Sign up for our newsletter HERE. Contact us HERE.
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You will always have the option of using a fee-based system for your analysis, financial and estate plans. Contact us HERE and let us know what you need.

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  • Financial decisions can be quite daunting – especially for someone like me who struggles with simple “chicken or beef” choices! So, I made none because everything seemed so complicated and the consequences of wrong choices so dire. Then I met Dawn Ridler… Her thorough approach and depth of analysis made the choices so clear! I now sleep deeply knowing that I have all the cover I need – the right policies with the right suppliers on the right terms. Thank you, Kerenga!
  • Claira Mallett - Freelance Marketing Consultant

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