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Dawn Ridler - Kerenga Founder
Wealth. CFP® BSc Hons, MBA
Dawn grew up on the tea estates of Africa from Kenya to Rwanda, Burundi and Madagascar.

It was those years of playing in the equatorial rain forests of Africa that ignited her first love of ecology, specifically botany and entomology. After graduating with a BSc Honours in Plant Physiology at 19 (with the SAB gold medal in her back pocket) she decided that the business world held more challenges (and greater financial stability).

Dawn completed her MBA at age 22 and was let loose on the unsuspecting business world. Most of her career has been in marketing and retail. After a stint as CEO of Crafters Market and Build-A-Bear Workshop (SA) she decided to leave the retail arena and moved into financial services.

She achieved her Certified Financial Planner® designation in January 2010 and following 4 years at Sasfin bank she went out on her own and Kerenga is the result. Dawn is a registered representative on the FSB license of Hexon Financial Services number 42793. She is currently a member of Financial Planning Institute’s Risk competency committee. In addition to the blogs on this website, Dawn blogs extensively on LinkedIn and is a BizNews ‘Thought Leader’. From time-to-time she also makes a guest appearance on eNCA. In 2016 she published her first novel, and more are in the pipeline. Dawn has always been passionate about innovation and technology and is on the adjudication panel of both the Technology Top 100 awards and Accenture Innovation Index.  You can contact Dawn HERE


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Kerenga's Vision
To create an organisation based on an organic, customer-centric focus that integrates every aspect of a wealth ecosystem to ensure sustainability and abundance.
Kerenga's Mission
To use education, allegory and interaction to foster the increased engagement and understanding of every component of a wealth ecosystem.
Kerenga's Core Values
Transparency, Trust, Integrity, Integration and Education


  • Financial decisions can be quite daunting – especially for someone like me who struggles with simple “chicken or beef” choices! So, I made none because everything seemed so complicated and the consequences of wrong choices so dire. Then I met Dawn Ridler… Her thorough approach and depth of analysis made the choices so clear! I now sleep deeply knowing that I have all the cover I need – the right policies with the right suppliers on the right terms. Thank you, Kerenga!
  • Claira Mallett - Freelance Marketing Consultant
Dawn in the Media:
GDP eNca

Dawn on eNCA talking GDP

Dawn on eNCA talking Brexit

Dawn on eNCA talking Brexit


Dawn on eNCA talking petrol price

Dawn on eNCA talking petrol price



  • Analysis and second options on your risk (life/disability etc) portfolio for competitive pricing, unsustainable premium patterns and over or under-insurance.
  • Analysis and drafting of simple wills, or briefs for complex wills
  • Comprehensive Estate plans with recommendations to reduce estate duty, CGT and executor’s fees. Fee-based service.
  • Retirement plans with recommendations on asset allocation, additional contribution and analysis of the expense ratios levied by existing investments.
  • Fully integrated, and provider-independent, financial plans – from medical aid and short term insurance through risk to retirement and estate plans – no vested interest in any one provider, or any part of your portfolio, just in ensuring you’re optimally protected.
  • Full service for a company’s needs – from Group Benefits and Retirement Funds to Key Individual and Buy-And-Sell policies.
  • Company workshops for HR personnel, retirees and financially vulnerable staff.
  • Personal Financial coaching

Kerenga’s Contributors

Danielle Balsaras
Freelance Design & WordPress Development
Danni & Dawn have not met before – and yet they’ve collaborated to create beautiful, well-thought-out things together online. Danni’s thrived on being different in her approach and so has loved the opportunity to work with Kerenga to help share Dawn’s vision in this totally modern, text-based way.

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