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Wealth equation – mini-blog

For most of us, the accumulation of wealth – to at least retire in some sort of comfort – is a life-long mission. Unless you’re lucky enough to inherit loads of money, or win a lotto, for most us the accumulation of wealth happens slowly, it is the end result of days, months and years of financial discipline. At the most basic level wealth is what is left over after you have consumed your income – the wealth equation. If you consume what you earn you do not accumulate wealth, and of course, if you consume more than you earn, you end up in debt. As a financial advisor, most of my effort has been spent in helping my clients look after their wealth and to use market forces to help them grow it. I also get involved on the ‘consumption’ side to help clients get a hold of their spending, but I rarely have got involved in the ‘Income’ side of the equation. No more. This series of miniblogs are going to specifically address how to increase your income, by identifying and taking advantage of new trends emerging globally. As nice as it sounds, if you blindly ‘follow your passion’ when it comes to earning an income, it rarely pans out. The phrase ‘poor artist’ did not come out of nowhere. If you want to be smart about earning more money, you need to find just the right product or service for you – with the greatest chance of success. This new miniblog series intends to do that. You can read full-blown blogs on the wealth equation HERE.

wealth equation infographic

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